Create Report on Form2pay
Posted by Richi M. on 12 December 2013 06:50 AM

Reports are visual representation of form submission data. Form2pay allows you the privilege of creating reports in the manner you desire. This self-explanatory process of creating reports can be done as follows.  

1.) Click on ‘My Reports’ to commence with the process of report creation



2.) Next, click on ‘Create New Report’ to start a new process of report creation



3.) This will take you to the Report Manager, wherein all you have to do is, type in any name that you would like to give your report  



4.) Now give the description to the report, so as to elaborate on its content. This could act as a ready reference for you whenever you want to refer it in the future.




5.) Follow this step by checking on the “Show submission data table on the report.” Doing this will depict data submission in report section.



6.) Checking the “Show submission data table on the report” will give you 2 options to choose from. Highlight the “include all submissions” option if you want the report to be created without any filters.  



7.) If you desire not to include submissions in your process of creating report, check the option “Filter submissions”  



8.) Checking “Filter submissions” will give you more options of searching records according to conditions you would affix to it. Choose the “ALL” in the drop-down box if the search ought to be done in accordance with all the conditions depicted therein



9.) Choose “SELECT” in the drop-down box below



10.) Follow this by selecting the other drop-down box “is equal to”



11.) Click on “+” to add any other condition



12.) Click on “x” if you wish to edit any condition you have made



13.) Click on “Next Step” to continue with the process



14.) Mention the “Chart Heading”



15.) Now click on “SELECT” for choosing a field



16.) Proceed by choosing the “Bar Type” you want  



17.) Click on “X” in case you want to edit any of the selection made



18.) Once you are satisfied with the selection, Click on “Create Report”



19.) If you want to make changes in your naming of report, press “Edit”



20.) Press on “View” to see the final output of report creation  



21.) Report creation successful! Press on “x” to quit the process