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    Your privacy is a key concern for our service. At Form2pay, we aim to reduce the amount of personal information accessible. Other than the basic information we request for the creation of forms, our services aim to keep your data secure and completely hidden.

    The information we acquire is only to provide us a better understanding of your needs and requirements. Form2pay can then, provide you with advertisements and content of interest to you and your niche audience base. However, we undertake a range of security measures to ensure complete protection of your user data.

    Form2pay provides regular notifications to provide you with information on the status of your forms and their access. These notifications also provide users with information on new services accessible on the site.

    We apply a number of methods to ensure complete security and protection of your data from any unauthorized access. Our services are restricted from using any data that you provide for any other use other than as mentioned in the terms.

    You can rest assured that we will not provide any email address, name or other identifying information about specific users to any third party.

    The company will also refrain from using any private information for any third party solicitations without prior permission.

    The services provided by Form2pay are completely secure and password protected.

    Our services undertake every possible measure to ensure the safety of your data and information.

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