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    I would suggest that you begin planning your wedding by providing me with either the ceremony time or the commencement of your meal time. I will then provide you with an itinerary of your whole day. This ensures that you allow ample time between each section of your day and you are not rushed. The flow of your day will make the day far more enjoyable. Allowing me to organise your schedule will also ensure there is adequate time (and lighting) for your photographs.

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    Your vision is important and sharing this vision will ensure you receive photographs that truly capture your intention. Each wedding is so beautifully unique and is your first fingerprint impression of who you are as a couple.

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    Some couples know exactly what type of photographs they would like whilst others would rather it be left up to the photographer on the day. You may like to indicate some ideas here.
  • If there are any other intricacies please mention them here.
  • If there is anything at all you would like to add please don\'t hesitate. This is your vision and your very special day.

    I will email you information about payment and official documents. When organising your guest meals, please ensure I have a meal set asside so my belly doesn't rumble and I can power on with your awesome dance moves. ; )

  • A message to you.

    This could very well be the largest celebration you will prepare for in your life time! That said, take time to enjoy the process. Be inspirational to each other, be true to yourselves and ensure your Wedding is your first special fingerprint of your two unique souls united . x Kristy Lee