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    We offer users the chance to create professional online html forms and web surveys.

    Form2pay is a service offering users the chance to create professional online html forms and web surveys. We offer you a free, faster and more efficient method to create online forms for registrations, surveys, securing orders and for payment collection. Our services seamlessly integrate the html forms into your website to create a more professional and user friendly website.

    The company was formed to provide managers and Business owners with online solutions to perform their own surveys and research. The company aims to provide simpler and effective solutions for managers to handle their own business research and data collection. Our services aim to provide our users with the easy to develop and design forms which require no programming knowledge. The key focus of the service is to simplify the process of data collection for online businesses.

    Our experience and understanding of the industry has been one of our main features. We have a professionally trained and experienced team of individuals who develop, maintain and support Form2pay. Our strength lies in the knowledge and technical expertise of our team that has grown with the years. The team has contributed crucially to the growth and future progress of the organization.

    The online forms form the basis of better online interaction between website owners and users. Form2pay helps online businesses make a better impression on their users with professionally designed, free and easy to use forms. Each of these forms is equipped with a variety of security options to ensure data protection and privacy. Our main emphasis remains customer satisfaction and we provide you with the option of customizing the forms according to the template and design of your own business. Our facilities are easy to use and can give a professional look to the forms on your website.

    We cater to a diverse range of needs for small scale and large scale online business forms. These include multiple page forms, Credit card forms, PayPal forms and more. Our team works to cater to every demand from our customers and provide the fastest and most efficiently designed forms for their requirements. We have an exclusive technical team which offers help with any problems or customer queries. Form2pay can provide a simple and effective solution to help you acquire better and more professional forms for your site.

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